flexible & universal
for all your business needs


flexible & universal
for all your business needs


flexible & universal
for all your business needs
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Forex Trading

Foerign Exchange is the biggest financial market in the world with daily market turnover of 6.6 Trillion Dollars. As a Forex Trading Platform, we have expanded our services around the globe.

Crypto Trading

Bitcoin is the the biggest financial miracale of 21st Century and many more yet to come. Our expert and skilled traders are always with the market opportunities to utilize them for maximum profits.

Real Estate

Real Estate is one of the oldest and largest business platforms across the globe. FPH is managing multiple property projects in Gulf Countries.

Our Signature's

Finex Prime Holdings is an international holdings company that owns multiple businesses especially in Financial Markets, technology and Real Estate. Owing business centers across the globe especially in the Gulf Markets. Finex Prime aims to create the biggest and most innovative community of entrepreneurs in the world. Finex Prime is creating the best place to invest in online trading and aims to increase the global users with full trust and reliability.

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Different Ways of Passive Income
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  • Crypto Trading
  • Real Estate
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How it Works ?

Finex Prime Holdings is utilizing the portfolio in multiple sectors and businesses. We are in the Financial Markets since 2011 with more than 125 countries appearence. Our profiessional team of CFA's and CMT's working 24/7 to maximize the clients and company profits by using their skills and experience. We have global presence to create the biggest community of financial experts in the world. With the fast moving world we are investing in multiple industry projects to vanquish the risk and enhance the stability in our investments. Highly qualified and experienced team is dedicated to generate maximum profits from different financial markets with accuracy and consistency.

Our Salient Features

12 Years of Consistant Passive Incomes
We are here since 2011 providing excellent services to our global clients
Team of CFA's & CMT's
Our team is highly qualified and experienced to manage the multiple industries
Guaranteed & Secured Profits
From last 12 years we are providing secured profits to our valuable partners
Backed by Forex Brokerage Platforms
A group of brokerage houses at the back to maximze the stability and trust
Multiple Business Sectors
FPH is manging multiple business sectors for growth of the system
9 Ways of Making Money
Best platform for the entereprenuers around the world for real Financial Freedom
Strategic Partners
CF Merchants
  • Global Presence Since 2011
  • 6 Assets Classes
  • 10+ Industry Awards
  • Swap Free Islamic Accounts
  • PAMM,MAM,Scocial Trading
  • Unique Partnership Plans
Forex Clinic
  • Daily Free forex Signals
  • 90% Signals Accuracy
  • Free Technical Support
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