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Terms & Conditions

1.Monthly Installments Must be Paid for 11 months
2.LjAkshaya Gold Plan is non transferable
3.Only Silver/Gold can be Purchased on paid installments after 11 months
4.Cash will not be returned Under Any Circumstances
5.Monthly Installments is fixed.Installments cannot be carried over or paidin Advance.Maturity date cannot be advanced
6.Monthly Installments should be paid on 10 th of every month
7.All incentives/commissions/Promotional offers will be given only to Monthly installment paying customers
8.Monthly Installments in cash be paid only in showroom.Installments can be also paid by Bank transfer/Upi id/ Google Pay / Phone Pay / Debit Cards ,Only to Company Accounts
9.No Wastage and making charges applicable only to 11 Months installments fully paid customers
10.Wastage/making charges will be applicabel for all partly paid redeeming customers and for all excess gold purchased
11.Printed E-receipts will issued for all payments,if not received within 48hrs after making
12.Company will not be responsible for payments made to individuals not authorised by the company
13.GST and any other government Taxes &levies will have to beborne by the member
14.It is at the sole description at the company to alter,amend,modify,add or delete any of the terms and conditions from time to time
15. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts in chennai